July 23, 2012

Slow Train

This project is proving problematic. I keep running out of materials to keep my progress at a constant rate. I have three sections almost built now but I don't have the right sand to continue adding ballast. I have searched a number of game stores and nowhere has any of the right size. I am hoping one of the model train stores in the locality has some. The first I visited didn't so I wil have to explore more of the shops. That is a dangerous prospect for my wallet at least as I always find stuff to buy in these shops. I have one fully flocked and I will paint it over the coming days. It will be fairly monotone I think so in the other pieces I have added a lot more areas where the stones are missing. It breaks up the grey with some brown. Otherwise it would be really boring. I am becoming tempted to build a train to go with these but that is a project for the far far future. Getting four sections made is my first priority. I will then consider if it is worth it to make some alternative pieces. I don't really know how functionable these will be in game. If they are too dominant on the battlefield I won't create anymore. I could imagine them proving a really tough prospect for a ranged orientated army to have to fight over!


  1. Try DIY stores or pet shops in the Aquarium supply aisles. They usually have a wider selection and it is just a couple of euros for tons of those... picked up a finer sand for bases the other day 5kg for something like €3,99.

    1. That is a good idea. Hmmm I wonder where the nearest pet shop is...


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