July 16, 2012

Motivation and lack thereof

I have been pretty lazy at both blogging and painting at the moment. Sometimes I just can't find the motivation to sit and paint. However I did finally sit over the weekend and manage to get Rupert painted. I have been eager to do him for a while as he brings a lot to my menites and to my fledgling Mercenary force. I painted him in some new colours as I accidently bought three different versions of German camouflage and I wanted to use them. The trousers are painted with German Uniform (VJ) which is a really weird colour. I still can't tell whether it is blue or green. As a contrast I went for really vivid ginger hair. It might be a little too vivid but it is a good contrast. He does look a little like a leprechaun however. This week I will mainly be playing games as I am hosting Owen from farfaraway.org. He has some spare time here in Hamburg and we are taking advantage of it by playing an Annihilation campaign. That is going to be good fun and we might even squeeze in a 100pt battle! I have never played such a large game so that is going to be an experience. I am really curious to see how the game scales.

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