July 18, 2012

Iron Kingdoms Railroad Terrain

Despite a lack of motivation I have been working on some terrain. I previewed this and some other stuff on my facebook page last week. I have been talking about doing some railway terrain for the Iron Kingdoms and I took the plunge. This is a test piece to see if the scale works or not. The rails are just under 40mm apart so a small base fits between them while a medium sits atop.It is a little smaller than intended but fairly realistic in terms of a european gauge line. The tracks are made from platic I beams from Evergreen. They are relatively cheap. I found an architetural model shop here in Hamburg that doesn't have the same mark up as a regular hobby shop. The place, while small, really is a terrain makers dream.

I have been thinking about what the terrain should be like and having a railway run across the board doesn't really do much. Declaring it as difficult terrain would be possible I guess but a little boring. Other than that it doesn't have an effect. So I intend to make a railbed for the tracks raising them off the surface of the board a little. At least then it provides cover for shooting across it.

I am planning of having it about 2cm highwith a strong slope. Miniatures won't stand easily on the slope sadly but otherwise I would have to make the railway really wide. I will make a test piece and see how it works.

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