February 9, 2011


Well it looks like my Warhammer wishes were answered! GW have just posted new images of the Arachnarok Spider. It looks really good and is bristling with detail. It even looks like they have incorporated some pieces of a stegadon in there as armour plates. This leaves me wondering if Forest Goblins will reappear as a regiment choice now? That would be great though my favourite goblins will always be the Night Goblins. They were the first army I collected a long long time ago.

Also included are Skulkers. These nice fellows seem to be assassins and they are rumoured to get Always Strike First, armour piercing and killing blow. I am not sure if they count as characters though as then they could be targetted before they have a chance to be effective unless you roll very luckily. It is nice to see that some of my hopes have been confirmed. We are getting new stuff and not just a rehasing of the same old! I wonder will this be enough to tempt me back towards Warhammer though?

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