February 28, 2011

Disco Inferno

I have finally managed to sit and paint this weekend. Even better I got to couple this with a few games. Recently one of my local Games Stores, Atlantis Games, were selling off some reduced Warmachine stock. Mainly MKI stuff that was missing the new cards. They were in most cases almost 50% off so I made sure to stock up. One of the purchases was some Flamguard Cleansers. The test model you see here came out fine and so I will do the rest like this. I haven't used them in a game. I was thinking I should have taken them in the Annihilation Campaign as at lesat then I would have a good feel for them. I guess I can always give them a run out over one of the coming weekends. I took them out to paint as I wanted to have them done in anticipation of the new Unit Attachement they will soon be getting, in March I beleive. It would be nice to have them done once the UA is out so I can just run them together from the start.

I am planning to begin a painting challenge soon maybe even this week if I can get to the shop. I have noticed that while I have been playing for a long time I have not collected all of the miniatures from Prime yet. I think it would be a good challenge to buy the last few things and paint them up just for a sense of completion. It would involve about twenty five models so it is a big undertaking. Maybe you will see plans here soon...

I got two games in over the weekend. One via VASSAL with a friend, Gareth, from Ireland. I will post a report up later in the week from this one. The other was with the Miniwar Hamburg club. Last time I was there I got my first game against Cygnar. This time I got a taste of my own medicine as I had to face off against Menoth. It was a good game but I had an advantage in numbers and that then resulted in better positioning. It was also my opponents third game and while he played really well he made pone mistake and that cost him the game. He used Reznik and he charged an undamaged Crusader. He didn't do enough to wreck the 'jack and in return a damage roll of double six smashed the 'caster.

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