February 5, 2011

Thats a ghost fence, it's scary!

Privateer Press have a competition running this month for some terrain. I have half a mind to enter myself. The prize isn't anything special, rather it is the terrain shown in the picture above. The theme of the competition is waystones or boundary markers. As I am currently thinking about my own terrain and how I should improve it I think planning to enter is a good idea. It should hopefully provide me with some added incentive to do some terrain finally.

The theme is a tough one though. I would love to make something Warmachine related but I can't think of something good. This competition is definitely geared towards Hordes. The most obvious boundary marker is a wall. This would be great for Menoth. Another good menoth idea would be a line of abandoned and partially collapsed Wracks. Having skeletons lying around the bases rather than a body on top would be a nice touch. They next level down is a fence. Also fine but a little too agricultural. Beyond this we get into an area that rally isn't terrain anymore it is more like decoration. A row of signs saying keep out is not really going to impede the miniatures but it does adequately mark a boundary. One solution to this would be combining the fence and the signs. This doesn't keep with the modular scenery as presented in the competition. If I was to do this I guess using an aged fence would be best. Then you could break it up into smaller pieces and have it much more modular. Making it a barbed wire fence would help this too. I will think about this a little more.

For Hordes this terrain piece is pretty simple to do. Considering that Waystones and Boundary markers are a staple of the Circle forces somehow imitaiting them would be good. Considering the feral nature of most of teh societies described in Hordes a boundary consisting of the impaled heads of your foes would also be good. Once again this begins to become a decoration rather than a terrain piece. So hopefully over the coming weeks I can get something together... Once I have a good idea of course.

Details can be found here.

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