February 4, 2011

A sad day for Feora

So last night saw battle three of my Annihalation Campaign. The first draft of the rules can be found here. Sometimes I play Warmchine and it just feels like 40k. Othertimes I play it and I feel like I have just been slammed to the ground, trampled then caught in a headlock and finally just as things couldn't get any worse my arms are ripped off. Well last night was such a game. I played terribly. My opponent in short order tore me to pieces. Here is the report:

Feora vs. Irusk
Battle ThreeThis is a shot just after deployment. The mission meant we had to try to control the yellowed zone in the centre of the board. The Khadorans went first and as you can see in the picture (click to enlarge) the Iron Fang Pikemen moved into cover behind a building. I am not really sure why but I guess to escape my shooting. The Destroyers then proceeded to move up the map ready to pummel me with shot on the next turn. Battle ThreeI moved up the board cautiously. I spread out the Templeguard but maintained shield wall to mitigate any blasts that might stray towards them. The zealots ran up and spread out also. This was to save them from blasts too and to get them in a threatening position for the Iron Fang's. They couldn't charge easily from behind the building so once they moved out I could get a turn of shelling them. Getting them into shieldwall wouldn't have been that easy from that position either making the bombs much more dangerous. As I had spread the Templeguard I was unable to manage to get my Vanquisher up close. Instead I nestled him in beside the Wrack.

Battle ThreeNow the pain began! The Destroyer on the right fired at the Vanquisher, doing some damage but more importantly destroying the Wrack. This blast then tore apart that part of my army damaging the Vanquisher more and killing pretty much everything in teh blast. POW 14 as a blast? You don't want to be near that. The second Destroyer then moved forward and targetted the Sunburst Deliverers. This killed them outright. So my ranged threat was pretty much halved giving me not much chance at a distance versus the two destroyers. I had no choice now but to move up and engage. Had I got the first shots off maybe I could have destroyed one of the Destroyers... That was not to be!Battle ThreeMy response was to get right up close. First I fired at the Destroyer with a boosted damage roll. This took eight boxes from him, nice. I wasn't sure if the Templeguard would have made a charge to the same Destroyer so instead I ran them up to it. I then realised I would have managed to get them in as I had an inch to spare with reach. At least in my mind I had tied it up and could deal with it next turn. The zealots then moved up and remained spread out. They dealt with the Iron Fang's coming around the building. Killing three but not able to get anyone else due to shield wall. A question arose at this point, a critical hit with a blast radius: does it set fire to everyone hit or just the target? I left the zealots in a formation where only three could be reached once I got my Wall of Fire in place. Feora then charged forward, killing a Templeguard to manage this. With four focus due to a Wracks help she had cast Engine of Destruction for the extra speed and then cast Wall of Fire to keep the Iron Fang's back. I had intended to feat this turn but I just wasn't catching enough under the area of control. So I waited another turn.

Battle ThreeSo Khadors third turn... and their last!The destroyer on the left aimed at Feora, hit and did twelve boxes of damage as the first action of the turn. The mechaniks moved up and repaired the other damaged Destroyer. This Destroyer was given full focus and Superiority. It then tramples across my Temple Guard ending up right beside Feora, killing almost everything under him. With his focus he took another attack, boosted the to hit roll and just managed it. The damage roll was then a double six if I recall correctly and so Feora bit the dust.

So we have one battle to go which I have to win. I will be forced to play with Epic Severius too. Thats not such a problem as I like him as a caster. He is pretty subtle but with some luck in positioning of the enemy you can easily assassinate their 'caster. My losses were not so bad from last nights game. I will still easily be able to afford a full force and include two 'jacks in it. I was worried I wouldn't have any left at all for this battle. I will most likely have to face a 'jack heavy force in an attempt from my opponent to limit Severius' effectiveness. So it looks like we are in for an exciting conclusion to this campaign!

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