February 23, 2011

The next step into Khador

So tonight will be the continuation of my friends Annihilation Campaign. The first series of battles were fought between Khador and Menoth as the Northern Crusade pushed into Khador territory. This campaign is in turn part of the Orgoth Legacy narrative campaign whcih is involving a lot of other players, mainly in Ireland but not exclusively being from there. I am playing via Vassal so while I have very much a minor part in the ongoings I do feature somewhat. Maybe if I can get back home for a few days I can take on some of the other protagonists! All this is being organised on farfaraway.org. The first leg interestingly finished in a draw. I won the second and fourth games in the series but was destroyed in the other two. The dynamics of the campaign were really interesting and the rules forced me to make decisions I normally wouldn't be comfortable in doing! When you throw a unit forward to be sacrificed for the greater good you have to realise that you won't be able to use this unit later in the campaign. Of course it may mean you win but it will hamper your army selection later in the series. I managed to weather the casualty storm last time as two quick caster kills in game two and three meant that the casualties were not as high as they should have been.

Tonight I am going to mix things up and try some new 'Casters again. With Vassal I get the option to try a lot of different things I wouldn't otherwise and while I normally stick to things I am familiar with I think this time around I should try out something a little different. I have 88 points to spend which does not include any points spent on 'jacks via points from the 'casters. I also like to run Tier lists but as I am building for two Casters from that pool it is too hard to find a cross over between pairs that would allow me to build two separate tier lists easily. I am also unsure of exactly what I am playing against so that is also a concern. I am most likely playing against Khador again but I could be up against Legion or Cryx! All three of these forces are in the area so I am not sure as to which I might face off against. Its very hard to build a list to take on all three of these forces equally. However I do want to stay somewhat true to the theme of the Northern Crusade so I am trying to restrict myself to the following Warcasters: Severius, Harbinger, Vindictus and Reznick. These are most active in that theatre from the fluff.

Annihilation Campaign: The Border Clash
Battle One: Tentative Beginnings
Battle Two: The Raid
Battle Three: Fully Engaged
Battle Four: The Slaughter

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