February 10, 2011

Sing for your supper

After I bought my battle box many moons ago and played a few games I quickly came to realise that I needed some help. The Choir of Menoth are a staple of every army I have used. There has never been a game where I haven't brought them. If you are using 'jacks they are essential. However up until very recently I haven't been fielding a full unit or the few times I did I had partially painted models in the mix. Over the weekend I sat down and finished the unit. Interestingly these are some of the first models where I attempted blending this can be seen especially on the shoulder pads of the Priest. To tie these guys in with the rest of the 2011 army I added red to the streamers coming from their staves. The brown robes were touched up. Oh adn i finally glued on the canisters they carry on their backs and painted those. I had kept them interestingly for five years in a safe place, which I remembered! So I was finally able to complete these guys. The swampy bases need some varnish but I am awaiting getting the entire army close to being finished before I tackle that task.

Choir 2005This is a model I painted six years ago. From what I remember it was early in 2005 when I first sat to paint these guys! Not only was I a poor painter but from this photograph you can see that my photography skills are poor too. Interestingly I use the same terrible camera to take the shots I use here now. You can see the streamer from the staff here was white. I had decided to write TAOS on it for some reason. Thankfully thats covered up now.

The next on the table will be my Knights Errant I think. They have also been staring at me for a while. I think after my Zealots they were my next purchase. One of them is painted and the others have some base coats applied. All the gold armour though got to annoy me and I couldn't continue. I think I had been painting Dwarves around the same time and combined with their gold armour I really couldn't keep motivated. Sadly the GW paints I used are no longer in production so I will have to find a Vajello equivalent.


  1. Nice looking paint job.

    Back before I threw in the towel on WM, a little before mk II came out, it got to the point were I was sometimes bringing to choirs to the table- they're just that useful.

  2. They are completely essential. They give such a massive boost to the 'jacks that without them you will always be fighting an uphill battle. The boost to hit and damage makes it possible to deal with Khadoran 'Jacks and the immunity to magic and shooting respectively help you against Cryx and Cygnar.
    Is there any Menoth player that doesn't regularly use them?


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