February 18, 2011

We all have a cross to bear!

Sometimes miniatures are strange, I mean really strange. This is one of those. I can't understand how this guy can move around at all. I guess suspension of disbelief in needed here! I got this guy completed this week. He isn't a solo but close enough. The Monolith Bearer of Menoth is great. I have wanted to play with him since he came out but I never managed to pick the model up. I finally spotted him in Atlantis Games here in Hamburg and I could resist no longer! He is one of the older Privateer Press models and thankfully he isn't as encrusted in detail as some of the newer models are. He was pretty easy to paint to this standard. I think it only took two hours again. I could go back and do more but then he would stand out far above the standard to which I painted the Zealots. The only thing I wanted to experiment with was the marble stone. I have seen it painted really well and I wanted to try. With the little effort I put in I got a resonably respectable result. I will now use the same technique, with a little more attention to detail, on some terrain I have planned.

In the few games where I have used the bearer he has been outstanding. The ability to make the entire unit of zealots immune to damage for a turn is a game winner. Done correctly your opponent will stand no chance against them as they move through their forces with impunity or withdraw with equal ease. I have used them to stand in a line infront of trenchers and basically block all damage to my forces for a turn. Thats nothing to be sniffed at! I think the Monolith Bearer will find a home in my armies in future.


  1. Got a chance to paint this guy for a friend, along with his Zealot buddies. Great miniature, very easy to paint up, and lots of fun. Really liking the marble on yours, it looks pretty great!


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