February 16, 2011

Solos and why I love them

Some of the best things about Warmachine are the Solos. I am not talking about in game at all but instead about painting. Firstly Solos are cheap. For a few Euros I can pick up one. Secondly with a little bit of effort I can also get it painted quickly. This is great. Last week I picked up the Vassal Mekanik. Within one evening I was able to paint him to the standard you see here. He isn't my finest work but for an investment of two hours or so he came out pretty well. Not only does this add to my army but it really makes me feel like I am making some good progress. Taking out a unit and painting them can be a slog, especially with ten detailed miniatures. The clean up and assembly tends to be the thing that takes me the second longest. The next being the basecoating. It always seemed to be easier to basecoat before. Now it takes me ages. Menites are the worst due to there being so much white. However I have managed to keep the white to the minimum on this guy.

PhotobucketSo I spent last night preparing my Flameguard Cleansers while listening to Lost Hemisphere Radio. I hadn't listened to this Podcast before and it was amusing and fun. It certainly helped to pass the time while filing down the strange mould lines some of these guys have. It also helped drown out the cursing when I realised the blade attachements for gun don't really attach! So I had to cut off the little attachment knob and therefore break the gun off the arms in the process if I was unlucky. I wasn't pleased. I want to get these guys together to be ready for when the unit attachment comes out in April. I have no idea if it will be good but I like completion and these are a step on the way to having everything Menoth.

I was checking out some of my Khador stuff last night.... I must not get distracted!

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