March 21, 2011

Broken Lamps are a pain

So I broke one of my painting lamps. Then I fixed it. The I broke it again. Great because I managed to do it right before I sat to paint for the evening. I was trying to take a WIP shot of my Castigator and I was adjusting the lighting to get the angles just right to illuminate the model. I got one shot with which I wasn't happy and then without paying attention I grabbed and attempted to move the lamp. SNAP... I don't know how I did it but the lamp broke in two pieces at the bottom of the stem. However being an ingenious modeller I decided I could pin it. So armed with my drill and some paper clips I managed to get everything together nice and snug. I tested it and all was fine. So setting up again for a better shot I moved the lamp and then it began a slow motion fall towards my pile of almost fully painted miniatures. Well luckily I noticed in time and caught it. Now the lamp is consigned to the rubbish heap and I can't paint in the evenings until I have a new one.

Here is the bad shot of the Castigator. Once I get another lamp I will take another better shot. I should be painting models from Prime but I actually have none left. I am awaiting the delivery of a few models still and while I have Templeguard to do I wasn't that motivated to actually do them. The Castigator also gave me a chance to practice with more smoke weathering which I have been itching to do. Until I have some better shots I can't really show you what I mean but on the left fist of the Castigator I tried to get a good smoke effect with some pigment. Also on the shoulder where there are some exhaust pipes I tried to discolour the nearest armour plates. It came out fine but as always not perfect. At least I have plenty more 'jacks to test these techniques with still. I picked up some more cheap menites this weekend. Rather than being from my local gamestore they come from ebay. So just as I thought my menite pile of unpainted lead was reducing I have now multiplied it by about four.

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