March 8, 2011

Your soul is mine!

It is cheating I know but it counts... As part of project Prime I want to have everything done to a decent standard. I painted the High Reclaimer a long time ago. He was my third 'caster. I haven't used him much as everytime I do I lose. I just haven't gotten into the style I need to play him yet and I know it will take a lot of games before I do! The tiny control area and expensive spells make for a very difficult play style. The feat is excellent, in general, and the gathering of souls should help. However I generally find I am getting sould when I don't want them or when I really can't benefit from there use. His tier list doesn't really provide me with much inspiration and its constituents are models I don't have or at least don't have painted! I will have to check the Lost Hemisphere blog and see what they have to say. There are a few articles there about the High Reclaimer.

Here is what I repainted. Nothing major to be honest but the muscles were painted back before I had really figured out how to do skin. As you can see this is now much improved. It had been so bad that people had pointed it out on occasion. The skin isn't perfect still but as it took me maybe five minutes to paint I am not complaing. It isn't like the rest of the model is perfect either. At least now he is done and in my opinion looking fine. I hope he won't be relegated to the back of the shelf and he might see some game time... I also put some dirt on the cloak. This is in keeping with a lot of the menites I have done recently. If I want them to look like they are walking around in a swamp I can hardly have them in pristine condition! Over the dark grey I put some mud coloured pigment. While the coverage isn't fantastic like this it does give a nice impression of dirt. I was impressed how easy it is to apply. It is definitely something I will check out with different shades to see what nice effects can be achieved. With a little bit more patience and concentration I think I can get a better effect.


  1. Bounce me any questions you might have, I'll do what I can to help out! :)

  2. That would probably be a rather endless list... I will try to work out the problems on the tabletop first. Thanks for the offer!

  3. I tended to use him with a horde of infantry, exemplars, paladins etc and focus principally on the casting of revive to bring models back to life. The soul tokens meant you could keep casting and recasting it cheaply

    After using Kreoss and Feora I found myself sticking with the Reclaimer or his Epic variant almost exclusively esp. in Mk2 as they were just so damn good with Menoths infantry units.

  4. That skin looks fine, IMHO.
    How did you paint it? I REALLY suck at painting skins, so every tip a nice painted one like yours, would be welcomed =)


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