March 14, 2011

Rocket power would seem to need some smoke

The Prime Challenge continue this week with another model finished! This guy has been calling to me for many years but I never bought him. Why I can't be sure as he really seems on paper to be awesome. The Redemeer is the only light Warjack from Prime that I need to complete for the Challenge. However I have managed to get a cheap Repenter and I will paint him up too. My orignal one sits in a box in Ireland. I am not sure who he combines well with. I guess Severius. Eye of Menoth really must boost the rockets a lot and he has enough focus to get this guy fully charged up for a salvo! It might be a while before I get him onto the table though as I don't have any games scheduled for a while except for the Annihilation campaign where I can't use him.

PhotobucketI painted the Redeemer in the same way as my Crusader and Vanquisher. The white I kept pretty simple and flat. There is some shading there but it can be subtle and while I should put more emphasis on it I think it can ruin the look of the Warjacks. The large flat surfaces don't really take a strong contrast in colour well. I din't paint a menite symbol onto the 'jack as I was lazy. I could have freehanded one on but to be honest that was going to represent a lot of work and the purpose of this army is to game with not as a showcase piece. The red is a simple scab red with a fine highlight of blood red. On the armour sections this is hard to make out but on the skirt it came out fine. I need to figure out a way whereby the red on the armour trim takes the highlight better. I once again don't want to go too extreme.

PhotobucketHere you can see some of the weathering finished. The light I was using has washed the colours out of the photograph a little but you can hopefully still catch the effect! This little vent is located on the side of the jack's head. To me it looks like somewhere either for excess steam or smoke to vent through. I dedcided on smoke and took out my black pigment. I then simply brushed it in as best as I could to the top of the vents and achieved a nice sooty effect. I continued this up the front of the Warjack where the smoke should leave a stain. It came out much darker than is apparent in the photo. Its a nice and simple effect. Also you can see the paint chipping here. In this case I used the hairbrush technique. However I am still not proficent enough and I make a lot of mistakes. The main thing I do is to lift of the base coat and undercoat at the same time! However for the next 'jack I have something else to try and hopefully I can get the chips to look more realistic.


  1. The Redeemer. Man, I dislike that Warjack. My first interaction with it in a game of WARMACHINE was during a tournament. I had forgotten that the thing could pump out ROF 3 rockets. My eCaine was elevated in a ruined building, hunkered down to drop some shots on the enemy. Three rockets later I decided that my Warcaster was a little too close for comfort! Nice paint job, BTW.

  2. As usual, very nice job with the weathering, looking great! That's a pending task I have, to learn to weather so good as you ;D

  3. Thanks Guys! I have been practising on the next 'jack and he has come out better... Once I get him finished maybe by tomorrow I will post up some pictures.


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