March 25, 2011

Friday Showcase - Queen Helga

Queen Helga was a miniature that I owned for a long long time. This is her second paint scheme given to her in about 2008, once again in an attempt to get my army tournament ready. Having had a few eers thrown my way about my all male army, in comparison to my friends Dark Elves, I dedcided to add in Helga. She was released if memory serves me for the Grudge of Drong a campaign pack for Warhammer in the early 2000's. She was accompanied by a few other characters and the current metal Hammerers in that release. I have collected the Hammerers but I never managed to get my hands on the other characters from that Campaign. I believe they are still available on the GW website as direct order only items. However they were not particularly good. Helga was the best of the bunch and brings a least one unbearded model to my Dwarves!

Photobucket Helga doesn't see much game time anymore as with the new edition points are too well spent elsewhere. With the need to have a Lord and a Battle Standard I can't justify having her replace a Runesmith as a character. In the smaller games that used to be a staple of my wargames diet she would usually feature as the army general. There was quite a long time when I only played 1500 point battles against the aforementioned Dark Elves. Everything nowadays is around 3000 points which at least for my Dwarves is fine as I have a lot of them! It is also interesting to note that Helga bridges the gap between my old Dwarves and the new ones. My old army is mainly painted in blue and white, copying Wayne Englands scheme from a very very old White Dwarf. All the armour from that army was simply silver drybrushed over black. Helga still preserves this whereas all the armour in my latest incarnation of the bearded folk is gold.

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  1. I like this mini. She looks pretty good. I too like her, I have the mini to paint myself at some point. The other models from that pack (you were correct, it was the Grudge of Drong) are Drong, Skaggi and Krudd.

    The scheme is nice and simple. I really like it.


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