March 26, 2011

St. Casimirs Cemetery

So having decided last week that I want my Ghoul Clan to essentially operate from a cemetery and hospital complex I need to find one that suits. I selected Chicago and searched through its cemeteries to find a map. For me a map is a must have especially in anything that is modern in theme. It is easy in a fantasy setting to describe a cave or a wood. In a modern setting you need to generate some believability. Also when the characters could easily find these maps on the internet I need to have something I can hand to them and say "hey you search for a few minutes this is what you find". I came up with two that suited. The first one I liked due to the name. It is called St. Casimirs Lithuanian Cemetery. Thats a great name as it immediately identifies the Ghouls inhabiting it as Lithuanian. This will work to give them a distinct feeling and makes it easier to find pictures for the NPC's I might need. Checking through some Lithuanian names I settled upon Kalanta. The Creamtorium will be run by Benediktas Kalanta and family. However the location also includes a High School and some aprtments pretty close to what would be the business end of the cemetery. So while I like the name I think I will go with my second option Rosehill. St. Casimirs is also a little too open for what I had in mind. There are not so many trees so I can't use a nice Google Maps image. This problem is immediately solved by the second option.

Rosehill would seem to be the more prestigious of the two cemeteries I selected. It has a lot more decorative monuments for instance. The map also works really well. I will be lifting this directly out of Chicago and placing it in the city/town I create. I just need to get a hospital plan that I can put across the street and I am all set. I can easily take a lot of photographs and use them without having to go searching. I will stick with the first name though as it suits my purpose best. I just need a plan of the church located there and hopefully a crematorium if they have one. So now when one of the players says "I check on Google Maps as to what the location looks like I can instantly provide them with a picture. I do have the possibility to present this to them on a large screen also so that is nice to have. The problem with that is the fact I can't create a map feature online for the game. Still it is nice to have and it will still let them investigate before they go near the cemetery.

Benediktas Kalanta and family Funeral Home:
Another search on Google turned up this nice floorplan for the crematorium/mortuary owned by the Kalantas. A lot of action will happen here eventually so I think it is important to have a good map. It also saves a lot of work as I would normally have had to draft this myself. I won't reveal the map here to the players as the Kalantas are not stupid enough to put this on the internet. It will be good for me though to mark the places during the inevitable fight that will occur here.

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