March 18, 2011

Friday Showcase - Bugman's Rangers

While looking through my painting cabinet this week I decided I should showcase some of the other armies I have painted in years past. Dwarves are my second most favourite arm in Warhammer and the one I have definitely got the most miniatures for. The ones shown here are the old Bugman's Rangers. When using them last week the people in the local club couldn't recognise them. That makes me feell old as I remember when they were brand spanking new! These were painted in 2008 for a tournament. As usual they needed to be done quickly and once I had them finished I never went back to improve them. The one thing I would like to do is give all of them shields and to expand the regiment by ten more guys. Sadly these have been out of production for quite a while so it is unlikely that I will easily find more.


  1. Fear not, I remember Bugman's rangers! A rather characterful unit, I love the champion with the eye patch and peg leg.

  2. Lovely. I too remember when these were sparkly and new. Great unit, lots of character. I'm sure ebay would yield enough extra troops in time.

  3. Young whippersnapper :-)

    These may be the old ones, but they're not the original regiment.

    I still have a box of the originals, mostly unpainted, in my loft. They're from the mid 80s, long before slottabases. Given the angle of your figures, it looks like they're on the diagonal of a slotta.

    Kids today :-)

  4. Awesome they look great. Any chance you could post pics of more of yr Dwarf army.

  5. I plan on putting them up every Friday! Once they are finished with I will start with my Orks.

    Thanks for the compliments too!

  6. Although oldies this is already the third edition of Bugman's rangers. I like the paintjob; there's nothing wrong with that. But your regiment is not complete because you are missing Joseph Bugman himself (and the standard bearer came in two versions). But don't worry. These guys are still for sale on Ebay.


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