March 7, 2011

Distracted already but trying

While I managed some productivity this weekend it was on the low side. While I would like to blame THACO for distracting me I can't as they had a Fell Calls episode dealing mainly with Temple Con and Dale's efforts to get Mark and Jim to restart playing the game. What really distracted me was the assembly of four 'jacks. While two of these are from Prime and one of them is a 'jack I have never owned the other two are what took my time. Rather than solely collecting Prime I mananged to spread my purchases across three books. I picked up a Redemeer, a Reckoner and a Castigator. Firstly I have to say I am not sure if I really like the design on the Reckoner and the Castigator. Putting them beside the Crusader I have assembled really makes him look small. For me the Crusader is the quintessential menite warjack. Having these two on the battlefield diminishes the impact of the Crusader. However they are great models in their own right. The faces tend to be overly corvine for my liking. They are massive however and really will dominate most other 'jacks. The detailing is superior to all the other jacks but they still don't fit together perfectly. The engine pipes don't even come close to connection points. Still you won't notice this much and the rest of the detail makes up for them.

I pinned everything together except the body to the legs. I can never manage to get that join to work correctly so I tend to ignore it for pinning purposes. The joint their tends to be strong anyway. I did manage to glue the Reckoner in such a way I had to break the model there. Instead of having him looking to his left I turned him to the right. This meant however that the gun arm was tucked in very close to the body and I wouldn't have been able to paint it properly. The other two warjacks I passembled are the Redemeer and another Repenter. All of these models were close to half price so when I saw them I picked them up. Although I have come to realise slowly that the gaming stores in Germany put the prices of the Irish ones to shame. So my judgement on what is half price is slightly biased due to what I am used to having paid.

I also airbrushed these guys and thankfully it was an almost pain free process. The base coat went on nice and even in a few minutes. The hairspray did the same. When I got to the white the next day I was having a lot of trouble. The amount of propellant left in the GW can was pretty low and while I could get air out of the brush I couldn't get paint out. The pressure of the propellant was too low to force paint up and out of the underslung jar. I rectified the problem by putting the propellant can into a dish of warm water. I don't recommend you to try this as it may be dangerous. Instantly upon being placed in the water I could hear the gas bubbling out of the liquid. When I sprayed I was then getting too much pressure. I was able to relieve that by simply spraying the back of the spray catcher I use for a few moments and once everything was back to normal I got a good fine mist from the gun. I will have to experiment a little more but the variable pressure delivered by the can during its lifetime seems t present problems of its own. I would suggest that anyone using this particular airbrush with propellant to always have two cans ready for use.

So to the Prime Challenge, I have two 'jacks ready to be painted while my Repenter is a duplicate I don't mind redoing him especially as all my old 'jacks are in a box back in Ireland. I will try to leave both the Castigator and Reckoner at the back of the painting desk so that I can remain focused on the Prime material. I will be doing weathering like I did with the Vanquisher and the Crusader on the two lights. I have tripled the pigments I have and hopefully mixing them up a little will help me to get better rust colours. Getting these two warjacks out of the way this week will be nice and I can continue a little with my Templeguard. Getting them done will be really nice! They represent the biggest task, at least that I have on my painting desk. The Deliverers I haven't yet bought so I can ignore them for a while...

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