March 28, 2011

Knights Exemplar ready for action!

Holidays are great. I had a few days off last week and it was so good to relax. I didn't do much painting but thats not the end of the world. I did manage to get some brush action going and I finished the Knights Exemplar. I, like usual, have had these for an age. I remember buying them and painting them just before a holiday in Hungary. Anyway once I got back all motivation for finishing them was gone. So tey have languished on a shelf for about five years now only seeing the occasional game. Generally I forgot that I had them at all and in the Annihilation campaigns I haven't once used them. It is nice to have them finally done however and I can't wait to get them on the tabletop.

As I have these finished that really brings down what I need to get done for the Prime Challenge. Ten Deliverers and ten Templeguard accompanied by a few extras. I still have to pick up the extras but thats not such a problem. The problem is that I am distracted by two massive 'jacks. The Reckoner and the Castigator are sitting in front of my waiting to be finished. I think this week I will focus on getting these done as a reward for finishing the Exemplars!


  1. Awesome job, they look great. Deliverers and TFG will go quickly, so yeah - enjoy your warjacks, the infantry can wait for a week if need be

  2. Thanks! Getting 'jacks done is nice and quick... I wish the units were as fast!


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