December 20, 2011

Based and Basecoated!

It can't last long... I once again made some good progress! There has to be a day where I fail miserably somewhere this week. Laziness is an ever constant friend along with his brother procrastination.

I managed to get the Gors completely base coated. These are the old models bought years ago and somewhat converted. I had intended them as a Beastman Warband for Mordheim but that campaign fell through and they have been sitting half assembled and painted for a long number of years. So I pulled them apart and cleaned them down a little. A lot of the heads were replaced as were the damaged arms. One model I had the idea of converting into a half dryad. I am not sure what I was thinking at the time. Rather than dump the model I will hide him in a back rank. Nobody ever sees the models there anyway. I did add a lot of armour to these models with greenstuff. I continued that with some marauder shoulder pads. The less skin to paint the better!

I also managed to base the Ungors. I am not sure why I only photographed half of them! Anyway they are looking good and I intend to progress with them today with the aim of finishing them early tomorrow. Getting the first few done is a good motivator so that I can see the regiment grow slowly with small batches of completed models. I guss the regiment will grow in later months to at least thirty but for now the target of twenty five is fine. I got some highlights put on last night so that has speeded up the process. I think I can get them done tomorrow!

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  1. looks hordey and that is good thing with beasts. GW's handling of skirmishers in 8th still burns me. My beastmen are not necessarily set up to play as rank and file, and I'm definitely not changing the 25mm bases on my ungor anytime soon. So they sit in a box.


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