December 29, 2011

Terrain for the New Year

So I to make some more terrain this year. It really is an aspect of the hobby that I enjoy and of course it adds immensly to the game. I don't host any games at home but I do intend to eventually. Therefore it is always good to have a nice selection to choose from.

As I mainly play Warmachine I will be making some pieces specific for that game. The one piece or series of pieces I guess is a trench network. I want the trench to be playable so I am planning on having gently sloping sides that lead up to the trench. I guess maybe that an embankment is a better term or rampart would be a more accurate description. I want to have the pieces movable so fitting them into the surface of a board just doesn't work. This is the best compromise that I could come up with.

Other pieces I am planning include a canal, a large hill, a 5th border legion watchtower and a bog. I am guessing these will keep me pretty busy for the start of the year. However I don't want to stop at just making the pieces. I want to cast them up in resin so that I don't have to make multiples of the same thing. Casting them up while expensive saves a lot of time.


  1. The casting idea is very clever - I'd not thought of that. You could even put them out through eBay for others to get good use out of too.

  2. Well it might be more hassle than it is worth... we shall see!

  3. Terrain...yea I have been collecting a few pieces here and there with the same intent. I have old pool table that needs a bit of use with some boards placed on it.

  4. I wish I had space in my apartment for a Pool Table, that would be awesome! I do intend eventually building a board thats foldable... eventually. I seem to find plenty of excuses not to have to.


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