December 22, 2011

Ungors Finished

So two days and a restless night resulted in some progress! At the moment I am busy working away on my Gors. Four are almost done and the other eight are underway. These are the older models and I am hoping that the new ones are a little easier to paint.

So here are the Ungors done. Okay I do need a banner but I am thinking that I might leave off all the banners until the end and then do them together as that way they would be consistent. I am thinking of some type of a skull symbol similar to what they are like on the GW models. Its pretty boring but works well. I am not sure on the colours. I guess a drab green background with a near white skull. As I am intending to have a few regiments in the finished army I don't know if there is enough variability in that design and my talents. Freehand isn't my strong point.

I will add some more models to this regiment during a later month. The large spacing bases do leave them looking a little lean on numbers so another five models should bulk them out a little better. The spacing bases are fine a long as they don't have to be clumped together. That leaves larger holes than I want. So breaking up where they have to be placed helps a lot. With a rank of six in the front I can even place on in the front rank which would be nice. So back to the Gors now!

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  1. I like your Ungors, they're very classic. I just started on a Beastmen army dedicated to Slaanesh you should check them out.


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