December 13, 2011

Tharn Wolfriders, finally done!

It is a bad picture as I couldn't get the focus to work correctly however this is the proof. They are done! Well actually when I was taking the photograph I noticed that I hadn't done the bases. I just packed away the models once the painting was done, I had had enough. I think the problem with the Tharn in general is that they have a lot of small details and it takes a lot of attention and effort to get them all done. The wolves were really nice to paint, especially as I went for varied colours with them all. That meant I wasn't getting annoyed painting the same colour over and over again. I think each wolf took about an hour of painting in total whereas the riders took far far longer.

Here is a much better shot of an individual Tharn. Hopefully you can make out the detail a little better than on the unit picture. I am guessing I need a decent tripod to get unit/army shots. You can also see that I made an effort and got the bases done. So the unit is finally finished. I went with a more normal human skin tone rather than the purplish colour I got before when highlighting their skin on other units. So now I am moving on to doing some solo's and getting the Beastmen for the Tale of Three Gamers done. I want to make sure that I hit the dealine this month at least!


  1. Wow, really nice paintjob!

  2. Wow these look amazing! They look very realistic and those bases are... wow, so good! I am very jealous, sir

  3. Thanks guys, you will enjoy todays Forest Basing tutorial for sure if you lied the bass above.


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