December 12, 2011

A Tale of Three Gamers - Month One

Hopefully there is no Mayan Dragon destroying the world today, if so I think you can ignore this post and see the more important issues! Anyway I haven't managed to get a post up on our Tale of Three Gamers for a while. Slow progress and being sick hasn't helped thats for sure. We all failed to meet the target but hopefully in Month two we can make up the short coming a little. Alan had too many holidays, lucky him. Gar damaged his wrist, unlucky him. I was too distracted, silly me!

Here is the progress I had made as of the deadline. The chariot was almost complete. I really under estimated how long it would take me to get everything done. I thought the model would be fairly simple. The chariot was really difficult to attach to the two hounds and took quite a lot of fur sculpting to get it done properly. I am still not 100% happy but it is better than the two Tuskgors. I would have liked to get a collar or harness sculpted on there but with the sheer volume of fur I assume that it would be next to invisible.I only had the two hounds to do and I will get them to match the hounds I have done before. I am pretty burned out on painting hounds but I have maybe twelve more to do for this army at some point so I had better get used to the idea that I am doing them soon. The crew were handy enough to paint. I followed the basic sample model I had painted before as far as the colour scheme. I am not sure about the red shoulder armour. The colour is nice and dark but I am not sure if it suits the green? I am not changing it now but I might not use it as extensively as I had intended. I wanted it for all the armour in the army, especially on the Bestigors. It would also be a nice colour on the banners but maybe the green suits that better? This month I will finish the chariot and then get into the meat of the army. I want to have at least one core unit done and therefore I have choosen to do some Ungors. I think 24 is a decent number to start with. I will eventually expand the regiment to at least thirty but that would be a bridge too far at the moment! To accompany them I will paint 12 Gors with additional hand weapons. That means I have two fieldable regiments and a good foundation to build upon in the following month.

Gareth will be catching up which is fair enough. Maybe next time he will watch his step on the stairs! So thats thirty clansmen for him. Alan has set a more ambitious target however. He is endeavouring, despite Christmas on the horizon, to get the Cavalry from last month, a wizard and a chariot done. Looks like chariots are popular! So stay tuned for a progress report and some photographs next week from us all!


  1. Looking great! Hounds really suits the chariot, very good substitutes for the Tuskgors, and I think your old 'Hound-scheme fits nicely with the colours you've chosen for your Beastmen.

    I like the red colour of the shoulderpad, and wouldn't hesitate to use it for other armourbits, but I think I'd give it some edge-highlights, to make it stand out a bit more and not be so flat. As you're using green for cloth already, I think I'd use that for banners instead of the dark red, though.

    I'll be looking forward to the Ungors and the finished Chariot! Hopefully, december will yield some nice updates from your fellow painters as well.


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