December 30, 2011

Friday Showcase - Woldwyrd

Here is a great model thats really excellent in the game. However I never seem to be able to use him correctly. He needs to be up front to be effective but the second he gets up there he is done for. Clever opponents make sure to take him out! I have tried keeping him as a late game piece that only moves up as the lines have engaged. However by that point his efectiveness is lessened. Maybe someone can tell me how to use him?

Painting the Wwoldwyrd was easy enough. I followed the same scheme as all the Wolds I have, a warm natural grey with some green inlay as contrast. I tried to make it look like 'power' was being focused in the center of the lens bt I am not sure if that worked really well. I think I would do it as a generic gem if I was to repaint him.

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