December 16, 2011

Friday Showcase - Kreuger the Stormwrath

So here is another model that I have painted for the Circle Orboros but never used. There are quite a few models in the collection in the same boat. I am looking forward to getting my cards so that I can finally have these on the table. 2012 looks like the year of the Circle. I painted Kreuger in the usual autumnal theme of my Circle Army. The model is awesome, nice and simple but very striking. This means that there is not too much detail to obsess over and I like that. I gave him a two tone cloak that came out nice. The orange colour is actually Bestial Brown highlighted with Bleached Bone, both from GW. It makes a wonderful warm colour and I used it a lot throughout the army. I actually have to go and buy a new pot of it as the Vajello equivalent doens't have the same tone when mixed for the highlights. Kreuger's skin is suffering from the same purple tone that I have on the Tharn models. Sadly nothing will be done to change it. I rally don't have the energy to go back and redo the failures on these models. Still it came out fine enough and from across the table nobody will hopefully notice!


  1. Looks pretty snazzy! I'll be painting up my pKrueger model today, actually.

  2. I like the purple tint. Makes him look all brooding and magical.


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