March 27, 2012

Allies are annoying!

Here are the Idrian Skirmishers complete. I have the attachement almost done too so I guess they will be shown tomorrow. I lost a bit of motivation while doing these as I don't see myself using them soon. Having the Masters looming and playing in the War-Torn Alliances league helped keep me focused on the Protectorate. Now that they are passed I really want to start getting my Circle force going again. So the paintjob suffered on these. They came out fine but not quite to the standard where I would have been happy. I think som of this stems from the fact that I can't actually use them with my mercenaries. I was looking forward to that and when I reviewed the rules I noticed they are only available for Magnus Tier lists. I don't want to collect a Magnus theme list so thats the Idrians relegated to the menites. At least now according to the Chief Lostie I have an awesome unit to use. Trying to figure out exactly who they work best with will be fun.

I have just started taking classes again so time for painting is going to slowly wane as I get more and more work piled on top of me. Hopefully I can keep up a decent pace. I know that my spending on miniatures won't drop so I really don't want to make my lead pile to start spilling out of its neatly stacked shelf. It is not nice to notice that the amount of still boxed Khadorans I have is greater than the stock of my local store...

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