March 29, 2012

Cleansing the palette

I live in a nice apartment in Hamburg which is one of the most green cities in Europe. There is a wonderful row of trees in front of my house and a gigantic chestnut tree in the back. These trees, which I generally like, cause no end of annoyance when it comes to painting. Spring and autumn means no leaves and the general gloom is suddenly replaced with wonderful light. My apartment isn't so dark but when all the windows are fronted by thick foliage it does tend to block a lot of light. The Northern European winters are gloomy enough that the abscence of the leaves makes no difference. I am currently tempted to move my desk to avail of the ligh but in another two or three weeks the leaves will be out and the lightt will be back to normal. A big penthouse apartment would be nice, I suppose we can all dream!
I have been busy working on my Menites and I can confidently say I will have them finished this week. I did a bit of a rush job on the Cleansers but they are done. I gave them white helmets to separate them from the other regiment I have. These are the last unit I will paint for Menoth for a while. I know soon enough something will take my fancy and I won't be able to resist but I really want to get my Circle force up to a level where I am satisfied with them at this point. I will be playing mainly Circle from here on out. I signed up yesterday for some tournaments here in Germany. The first one is in Kiel and has some funky rules. it is forty two points and infantry are restricted to twelve of those points. That really hampers menoth and so the Circle will have to come out and play. I am thinking that an eBaldur list would be good fun to try as I can easily get to tier four despite the restrictions. It doesn't really bring me much in terms of advantage but its nice to be able to say! I assembled the new Baldur model yesterday and attempted to sculpt a more decorative base. I wasn't very succesful. I can't see why the epic warlocks don't get the nice decorative bases like the epic warcasters! I will see today if I can make something more of the base.


  1. The gloom has left here in North America also, spring came early. My paint area is always the brightest space that I have with a minimum of two lights if not 3 or 4.

  2. I have a decent light level but keeping it constant is difficult during the day and across the seasons. Spring and Autumn really see a massive increase in light levels as the leaves are gone. It is so strong at certain times it overpowers the two lights I have! It snowed today in Hamburg which was rather suprising...


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