March 8, 2012

Gdaybloke's fault

So having listened to how good the Idrians are for what seems an age on the Lost Hemisphere podcast I crumbled and bought some. Gdaybloke sings their praises and who am I to argue! The models are nice enough. They split between cloaked and uncloaked which gives the unit a little bit of an odd look on the table. I prefer the cloaked ones. They have a better scout look. The others don't fit quite into the same image. As far as painting goes I am keeping these simple. I don't need to have them fit into the level of painting that my Mercs have. I do want them to look good but not to stand out too much from the rest of the menites. I am going to keep the colours subdued. The sample above shows what I am going for so far. I am really annoyed however that I can't use these in a Mercs list except with Magnus. I should have done my research first so its my own fault. They do seem to be really restricted however which seems odd. I was sure that the Allies would appear more often in Merc lists.


  1. nicely painted, specially the face.

  2. Update coming along tomorrow... sickness has been my bane. I guess laziness and Oblivion: Elder Scrolls have played their part if I am being honest!


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