March 7, 2012

A pair of Guardians

During a crazy phase of Ebay purchases I picked up a Guardian Warjack. The problem I didn't realise at the time was that I already have one. I had completely forgotten as I had never fielded it before. It sat on a shelf in my old home in Ireland and when I was back there last I noticed it and brought it back to Germany. I painted it up last week fairly quickly. It needed some reassembly and pinning but it was already basecoated so it didn't take long to do. The white is not as flat as it appears as usual. I added the weathering chips by hand this time rather than using the salt or hairspray technique. I had to do it this way as the model was already base coated. To be honest it came out as good and maybe I should keep doing it this way? I have some wreck markers that need to be painted and I will use the salt technique on them.

The Guardian is a neglected Warjack. For nine points it really is expensive especially when you consider how effective the Reckoner is for only eight. All that the Guardian offers is an arc node, reach and critical pitch. The Reckoner offers a whole lot more. I really wonder how the Guardian got so mispriced. I think eight would be reasonable and seven too cheap. Maybe the problem is more that the Reckoner is far too cheap! I have been trying to think of a list to use the two of these in. I really can't find one that they would fit in. Arc nodes aren't really as effective as they were in MKI. Reach is good at least, especially on such a slow 'jack. The critical pitch is just an unreliable bonus and I wouldn't figure it in my plans too often.

1 comment:

  1. They look pristine.

    I bet that crazy phase on Ebay coincided with Adepticon last year. I know a couple hundred people that were there that recieved a box of Warmachine models in their bag of swag, and most all of us who don't play the game dumped them real cheap on Ebay or to Warmachine gamers at the convention. It did pay for all of my tickets to the convention.


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