March 28, 2012

Chieftan and Guide

Finally I am done with Idrians. These two were really nice to paint up. I didn't do anything fancy with them. I kept the metallics simple on the chieftan. Mainly Burnished Gold(GW) washed with Ogryn Flesh(GW) and touched up with some of the original base coat. I didn't want to put too much into the armour as I wanted it to look brass/bronze rather than actual gold. Brass is a really hard colour to convey and I always keep it as dark as I can. The guide is pretty much the exact same scheme as the rest of the unit, Khaki(VJ) highlighted with Bleached Bone(GW). I did work a little bit more than usual on the silver metallics, especially the sword. In the photo it has really caught the light but there is some nice highlighting there. It is a little more noticable on the edge on sword towards the back. I am getting my metallic highlight mixes fine and the transitions are okay. I still have no idea where to put the highlights though. I am going to have to find a guide and just copy someone elses work.

The guide model has to be one of my recent favourites. He is really tiny and a little bit tricky to assemble. The pose though is outstanding. The chieftan is fairly standard and while the quality is very high the guide really shines. It would have been fairly simple to just have a standard enough pose for the guide but the fact he is down tracking someone is perfect.

I assembled my final unit today, a second batch of Flameguard Cleansers. The basecoat is almost done for them and I will have them done tomorrow. It looks like if I can power through the six of them I will have all of my menites complete by the end of the month. That's a strange feeling. I think it will be the first time I ever finished all of my models for an army. I know this doesn't preclude me from buying more in the future but its nice to know there is nothing more to do currently! I will need to get some form of a group shot once all is done I guess.


  1. They look good, nice natural feel and the armour/leather has a weathered look to it

  2. Thanks John. I would liked to have spent some more time on these but well I am not really that inspired to. The rest of the lead pile beckons!


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