March 5, 2012

The Kreoss Project: part 6

It has been a long while since I made any progress with this project. However in my recent fervour to complete my menites I have pulled out the Grand Exemplar and painted him up. Everyone tells me that he is great but I just don't see it. The same upkeep abilities don't present themselves and I will really miss Lamentation. He doesn't boost his force to the same degree that pKreoss does. The Castigate spell stops arc nodes but not channeling so things like the gallows grove and spell martyrs ignore this. Chasten removes enemy upkeeps on the models hit. Again not as effective as Lamentation. The feat is good, especially with such an effective melee army. It really seems to be his shining ability. I guess I will have to try him out more often on the table to see how he works!

This week I am having holidays in Ireland so plenty of Beamish/Guinness will be drunk. The Irish Masters was great fun and once I get back to Germany I will write up a report.

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