March 26, 2012

Idrians almost ready

I am finally recovered from holidays and the ensuing illness! It always seems to be the way, let down your guard and relax then come home sick. I guess it may be due to the copious Beamish and Karhu that was drunk in Ireland and Finland. I did have some good company while sick at least: The Elder Scrolls IV. So rather than painting I got to play that. It is no Skyrim but as my machine can't handle Skyrim its good enough for me. AT least that itch is scratched and I can get back to painting.

This weekend I was able to sit and make some progress on my menites. The first half of my Idrian regiment are done. These were actually fun to paint and nice to ease myself back into the groove with. I didn't put much varied colour into them. I want them to look fairly muted and I think that worked out decently. They are a little different from the rest of the menites but thats how it should be. They are just allies after all. Today I will be finishing up the last four and starting on the attachment. I want to get all of my menites finished this month which is going to be tough. Five days left and thirteen models to go! I think I can manage it.

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