March 6, 2012

Objectives done finally

I picked these up when they came out but I only got around to painting them when they were required for the Wartorn Alliances League. I had intended keeping them for terrain pieces but I can always pick up a second set when it comes to that. I think they would look really cool added to some buildings as decoration. I painted them up in the same manner as last weeks obstructions. I like the washed out greyness of the wood. It's more realistic than the typical rich wood colour I see used.

I was a little disappointed when these didn't come with some cards. I think it would have been great if they were given rules like the objectives in Steamroller 2012 if not given those rules directly. ;aybe in the future something like that will be included in the box. I do hope that PP keep up making things like this. Especially some terrain pieces!

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