March 12, 2012

Severius again

Just like Kreoss this is my second time to paint the Grand Scrutator. I have been using him a lot in the recent Wartorn Alliances league and it is about time I painted this model up. I acquired him as part of a parcel of stuff picked up on Ebay. Its tough to get much stuff on Ebay here in Germany but sometimes I manage to get a few things. Often I have seen things selling on higher than retail rpice which always strikes me as odd. Anyway back to Severius. I think he is one of the menites stronger 'casters. He synergises with everything, especially the stuff I like to use: Templeguard and Zealots. Defenders Ward offers the Templeguard an effective defence of seventeen when they are getting charged. That is right on the cusp of impossible to hit.

I have been attempting to improve my red blends and here is a terrible shot of what I have been doing. Using Vajello Hull Red and mixing it progressively with Blood Red (GW) I have managed to get some really nice transitions. Its good practise for my Khador even though I think I will do them as the 5th Border Legion.

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