August 19, 2013

Angry Half-wolf

As I painted Epic Morvahna recently I also was obliged to paint her best friend the Warpborn Alpha.. I would love to complain about how hard this model is to actually assemble but I won't as I am thankful that it simply is not made in Privateer Press plastic. That stuff is the bane of my painting career. So far the Alpha has withstood the rigours of transport so it seems I did a decent enough job of pinning him everywhere I could. He is an impressively heavy model almost the equal of soime of my heavy Warbeasts. He definitely needs a lot of attention during assembly if you want him to stay that way. On the table he is a revelation. He has performed excellently in every game I have used him in and he tunes the rest of the unit right up. With Epic Morvahna this is multiplied via her feat. Bringing back nearly the entire unit is as good as it was hyped up to be.

I of course painted him to blend in wit the rest of the unit. His model is impressive enough to stand out without too much effort. I am slowly running out of my stockpiles of standard colours I used on these so I will soon have to look for equivalents. I don't relish that. I have enough of everything to finish my last two Tharn units but once they are done I am going to have to play with the vajello game colour to see if I can get what I need there. I noticed Rob Hawkings complaining about the range recently so maybe I should look further afield. He used them on his awe inspiring Sedition Wars display boards. I haven't had a problem with them but then again I don't think I was paying that much attention to how they dried.

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