August 5, 2013

Grotbot... exterminate!

Time passes quickly. I can't believe it has been four months since I last posted. I have been painting albeit slowly. Here is something fun I finished recently, a Grotbot.I have been painting a lot of Ork stuff recently. As to why I am really not sure. I haven't played 40k since the start of the 3rd edition. I have been playing since Rogue Trader but fantasy took over and I have only rarely ventured back into the 41st millenium. I still love Orks though and I have a huge amount of them lying around in various stages of completion. Mainly I have been updating the units I painted before. They needed some tidying up and detail work. They still won't be winning any competitions but they are looking much better now.

I created the Grotbot firstly as a Stompa. I built the body and then realised that it was slightly out of scale. I then added some 40k shoots and a gretchin pilot. A little bit more work and this is what I ended up with. As to what it is exactly in game terms I have no idea. It is the result of leaving too much useful scrap around the grot tents maybe. I painted it up in the yellow scheme of most of my army. I added a moon symbol as I rarely use it even though I should. As this guy has a base I weathered him up. I haven't really done this with my vehicles as without a base I would just end up picking them up via the panelling and smudging the weathering. I think the rust effect works out well on the yellow but not so much on the blue.

I have a huge amount of work to put up from my break in posting so I intend doing that over the coming weeks. Hopefully I can get back into a positive blogging habit again! You can expect a lot of Orks and also some Circle or Orboros stuff to come.


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