August 8, 2013

Bad Moonz Warbuggy

I picked up this buggy and a Wartrak on eBay a while back. They were fairly cheap. I picked up the two of them for about €10 including the postage. I have seen them sell for a good deal more so I was happily surprised. I have been lurking on eBay for a while but finding a deal is a very rare occurence! About two weeks ago I started converting and painting. The orks it came with were of the last editions style and were tiny in comparison to what the orks are now. It was a difficult task to convert this as everything was put in place with polystyrene cement. Some digging and many curses got the driver out while I actually had to drill out the weapon mounting. In the process I broke the banner at the back but that wasn't so bad as I had intended changing it anyway

The driver was easy enough to replace in the end as the biker legs fit into place nicely. I added the arms from the bikes too as they fit to the remnants of the steering mechanism. It was a victim of the drivers removal but fortunately it fit together perfectly. I just changed their angle and rebuilt the shoulders to fit the torso. I added the platform on the back as with the bigger driver I had to give some height to the gunner. He is from the battlewagon as is the gun. I made the armour from some scrap pieces of plasticard. The gunner didn't fit perfectly but that is fine. One of his feet sits on the engine more than the platform but that is the only way he would go. I added the grot as I wanted to represent a rigger. I have no idea if they are useful in the rules but they sound good!

I added to the front another piece from the bike sprue and a few more armour plates to give the driver some armour. I cut the glyphs and plates from plasticard and added them liberally around. It breaks up what is a rather boring vehicle. I would love to get a full squadron of these so I can be a little more adventureous with the next ones. I haven't done any weathering with this one yet as I don't have a base. Once I do I intend adding mud and rust liberally. The effects should be similar to those on the Grotbot from earlier in the week and will really improve the overall look of the buggy.


  1. Looks great!
    I was always tempted to make a Bad Moon army..and this makes me regret I never did

    1. This army is definitely a fulfillment of a wish I had as a kid. I always wanted Orks and I always wanted Bad Moonz!

  2. Love the yellow, I'd be terrified of painting that big an area with yellow.

    1. The yellow is fine so far to paint. Now when I do the battlewagon we shall see how it looks enmass!


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