August 29, 2013

Gunwagonz incoming!

I sadly wasn't able to get my game of Epic:Armageddon in last night so instead I scoured around in my bits box for something related to paint. I found my first formation of Gunwagonz.I actually have a few formations worth of stuff hidden away so maybe I will get to painting them. There are at least two infantry mobs and probably a few extras I hope. The main bulk of this army is in Ireland. Like my SAGA stuff I will have to wait to get this project really rolling. It is no matter as it isn't like I am getting that many offers for games here. Hamburg is an Epic:Armageddon desert.

I wnet for a Bad Moon scheme to match what I am painting for my 40k army. I once had a dream of somehow linking the two systems. Who knows it may come to pass and it is best to be prepared! I also added a good few black and white checks in places to break up the yellow and I think it worked out well considering the scale! I thought it would be really hard to do but actually I can do this pattern decently well in no time at all. It looks regular enough until you get up really close! I will see if I can get one of the infatry formations together tomorrow and paint it up. I don't envisage it taking too long.

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