August 9, 2013

Game one complete

I got my first game of Epic:Armageddon under my belt on Tuesday night and it was great fun. We played a small game only 1200pts and while I know we made a lot of mistakes we also got a good handle on the rules. The small size of the forces helped us get through everything despite having to read more or less the entire ruleset during play. The small size of the firces probably made the game a little less decisive than is usual. With a larger number of formation on the board I guess it is possible to combine them to have much more decisive resolution to the various conflicts. Next we if we manage to get an evening free we will be jumping feet first into a four game campaign as mentioned. We will set the points at 1500 for the first one. That allows at least one more formation and doesn't overwhelm us by jumping in at a more standard 3000pt level.

The first game will be an Ork attack on a small fortified position. The game will have only three objectives each of which is a bunker located on the imperial side of the table. Whoever holds the most by the end of turn four is the winner. The Orks should be a fast moving light force so I will be including a lot of Kommandos and Stormboyz. It will be fairly different from what I used before so I am eager to see how they preform!

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