August 16, 2013

The Last Lady

Although I haven't been playing Malifaux much in the recent past I am still working away on my intrepid band of rotted followers. This is the third and last of the Rotten Belles. If you remember the last ones I showed here you will see I have completed the traffic light set. Each of them accidently ended up in a colour of the traffic lights which at least provides a good identification for them all. As I had greenstuff when I started this lady I did the base first. I wanted a simple enough cobble effect and I think it came out fine. I just have to go back and do it on the other models I have done. I went with a traditional brick colour as a contrast to the models and it came out good too. I find that a grey colour on the bases is always dull and boring or maybe just the way I do it is dull and boring! With the next few bases I will try to be a little bit more adventurous and add a few decorative pieces like sewer grates and kerbstones.

I am still struggling with reds. I just can't get the contrasts I want. My colour theory is weak it seems. Next time I am going to work from a dark purple towards a bold primary red to see what the effect is like. Hopefully it will be good and less muted than I tend to achieve. I have a few other models I will be showing here soon that I painted recently in an effort to get a better handle on red. However while they came out fine I didn't manage to really get amazing results. So back to the drawing board for me!

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