August 6, 2013

The Harowing of Kastorel-Novem

Today I will be playing my first game of Epic:Aarmageddon and I am really looking forward to it. I have been playing since Space Marine when all that we used was counters made for the purpose from a sheet in White Dwarf. I have a vague idea that they were for the force organisation rather than playing with but they were the perfect size and we had no money. Tonight is a test game to see if we can complete one in two to three hours. I am playing with Owen from We have limited gaming time and we want to make sure we can get a game complete of an evening. If so we will embark on a short camapign for which I have started to prepare a map:

I want to base the campaign on some background already somewhat explored by Forgeworld in their Imperial Armour Vol.8. That book covers an Imperial Raid on Kastorel-Novem a world recently conquered by the Orks. I wanted to play through the inital invasion. I am basing the games somewhat on Fall Gelb from World War Two. I haven't put too much work into it just yet, no point if we can't easily get through the games. I don't know how representative the scenarios will be on what actually took place but I will try! The evacuation of the planet will be Dunkirk for example. I will be taking control of the Orks while Owen commands the Imperium.

I have two armies for Epic:Armageddon; Orks and Ultramarines. Both are at home in Ireland so I won't be doing much with them in the near future. I do have some bits and pieces here for the Orks so I may begin to paint them and show them here. It would be nice to get them done. The Ultramarines are finished from what I remember but the Orks have nothing more than an undercoat.

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