August 12, 2013

Looted Wagon, now this was a project and a half!

A project and a half and it still isn't finished! I was reading Vol.8 of the Imperial Armour Series, which is great by the way, when I got the idea to make a Grot Tank. I checked online and there are quite a few people who had the same idea. Using those as inspiration I started with some scrap pieces of plasticard from my last terrain project. I made the two track sections first in a scale I thought was fine. Once I added the body I realised I had made a monster. I guess it isn't that much bigger than the actual Grot Tank models but it is fairly close to a Rhino. I am estimating it is a little wider and about and inch shorter. So it has become a looted wagon instead!

I am not sure what made me take the design of this the direction I did but standing back and looking now I think it reminds me of a Leman Russ. The silhouette is very similar. I am already thinking what I should make next! Plasticard is impressively expensive though so I am unsure if I really want to invest. It is good fun and I think the results are good. However as I don't play with the army I don't need to go crazy building stuff for it. A solid weeks work went into making the Wagon and if I go for something bigger I know the time will multiply. I am tempted to make a KillKrusha though...

First up however is to wash this model, base it and then get to painting. I will do it fairly similar to the rest of the army, so yellow will predominate. I might get fancy and try to make some of the panels look like they came from an imperial tank. I do want to find a grot though to put somewhere on the back near the engine housing. So far I haven't had much luck.

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  1. Nice scratchbuild! It first gave me a feeling of Sovier KV-2 in a good way.

    Yep, plasticard is bloody expensive. I don't know what truly makes it so? It is just blank plastic!

    Well, it is one reason why I decided to do big shapes from cardboard and then add some plasticard, other plastic/metal stuff. It works fairly I think but takes time...

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