August 20, 2013

Zombie Invasion

Thanfully I have a good backlog of things to show as my painting has been uncharacteristically slow of late. I have been mainly painting Orks but I am trying to mix it up a little so that I can make progress on a few small projects at once. Here is one of the models from a side project, my Malifaux Punk Zombie.The model was annoying to put together as the connection points are tiny. I think I still pinned him but as to how effectual this may prove I have no idea. I haven't had to transport him as yet and so there haven't been many chances of accidents. I wenr for the same pale skin as I did with the Rotten Belles but as I said when I painted them it is still probably too warm a tone. I tried to add a little green and purple to the shadows on the skin but it is very subtle and I don't think the camera can pick it up.

At least the cobblestones came out as I expected them. Each time I have done them I can changed the technique. It is difficult to get the right texture. In my mind cobbles are usually roughly shaped but smoothly textured. When I tried to do that it looked weird. Now I just go for a brick style and that seems to work best, at least to my eyes.

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