August 14, 2013

You're all going to burn!

Okay so it is back to the Orks. This time yet again a vehicle. I picked up the Wartrakk Skorcha with the buggy from last week. It took a lot less conversion thankfully.

This model is fairly old already, from Gorkamorka I think and I wonder when this model will be updated. I guess when the next book cycles through? Both this and the Wwarbuggy really could do with an update. This one is fine but the driver had to be changed. Again the bike driver fit perfectly fine and only a few adjustments were needed. A glyph on the front finishes the conversions. I didn't like the large flat plate there and why freehand a design when you can stick one on ready done!

Once the glue had set I painted it up as normal. It awaits weathering but again I need to base it. I have been looking for 5mm plasticard that doesn't cost the earth. Once I get that everything that is on wheels will have a base and then be weathered. I really wish GW would base their 40k vehicles. It would make everything a lot simpler. I am eager to get a squadron of these too but the models rarely come up on eBay and even then they fetch a decent sum. I have another Wartrakk somewhere in my collection from the original Gorkamorka set and maybe I can figure out a way to convert it into a Skorcha.

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