November 16, 2011

All Singing, All Dancing Wolds!

So here is my Wold Dance Ensemble! I inadvertently collected three of these guys since they came out. The first was a must for my Baldur list when Hordes first came out. The second I picked up as I had nothing to paint once and it was the only Circle Orboros model in the local game stre at the time. The third I picked up and painted recently. It was part of a second hand bundle. I really like the model so its not a problem having three. I did try to make an effort to have each in a different pose. When I lined them up for the shot my girlfriend was wondering why they were dancing. Since that comment I haven't been able to take the Wolds quite as seriously!

These models are fairly easy to paint which is great. While it is still a six or so hour job to get them done its better than with the other beasts. The stone I keep warm by highlighting it with bleached bone rather than white. I gives it a more natural stone colour as white makes the highlight really stark. Its a painting theme I kept throughout the Circle force. Keeping everything highlighted with bleached bone keeps the tones on the various colours united across the whole varied army. I am tempted in the future to use a different colour on a different force to really see what other effects can be made.

So I have almost finished the base coats on the Tharn Wolfriders. Its really time consuming, especially as I did each wolf in a different colour. That really cuts down on the amount of brown shades I have for other things such as the cloth on the riders. I am hoping that the mix of colours makes the unit look a little better. I will wash them tonight so that they are dry and ready for more paint tomorrow.

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