November 11, 2011

Friday Showcase - Tharn Ravagers

These were painted quite a while ago and it shows. Looking closely at them now I see how bad the skin came out. Its practically purple, not really what I had been aiming for. These were one of the first units I painted for the army and I transfered what I had learned from the beasts to these. The skin should have been far more lighter in tone.
Now the problem I have is that I need to do another five Ravagers to have a 'complete' unit. Thats the White Mane, Shaman and Chieftan plus two more to bring them up to a full compliment. I have ordered them but I don't want to do them in the old horrible skin tone. That means I should strip these and redo them but I really don't want to do that either! I guess I can match them in... lets see!


  1. I think the purple'ish skin-tone looks great - even if that wasn't what you were aiming for. Gives them a nice savage look, and there's a nice match to the other colours you've used.

    But it's always difficult to return to old ways of painting - I have a couple of regiments which I didn't finish years ago, and I fear I won't ever finish them now...

    But if you're able to reproduce those colours, I'd say stick to them, 'cos I think your unit looks ace!

  2. I actually think they look pretty neat. If you are not liking them what I would suggest is to take one of them and do a bit of an experiment on the flesh tones.

    Leave the purplish look in the cool shadows and wash them with some warmer brownish tones in the highlights, and repaint the highlights.


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