November 8, 2011

Hunting for Totems!

I have a nice game of Hordes to look forward to tonight. Most of my gaming these days is done via Vassal. It does manage to keep me motivated to paint however! I managed to finish the Totem Hunter over the last few days. I went with a very different colour scheme from my Circle Force for him. The blue on the armour is a little more subtle in real life. The photo really strengthened it. I wanted an almost black and gold colour scheme. The blue just gives it something more visually interesting. The armour was a pain to paint. My gold is fairly old and it doesn't really give good coverage anymore. Getting new paint meant going out and so lazy me just tried as best as I could with the old gold. Anyway I finally managed to get it to come out nice. I highlighted it with silver to break up the strong yellow tone. I think it worked out fairly well.

One big problem is I bought this model in MKI and I have no new cards for him. I can't get cards either as they are not available as a deck. If I want to play him I think I would have to buy the Minions book. Thats not really what I want to do. So Privateer Press please hurry up and bring out the cards I need!


  1. Drop me an e-mail (steeldragon at gmail)with your address and I'll send the card to you :)

    Beautifully painted models deserve to see table time, his rules also appear on Hordes: Primal

  2. The PP store also sells cards as singles for 0.50c US each.

  3. The Minions cards were packaged with the Faction decks. The catch was you only got the cards for models that would work with your faction.

    Not the best way to do it, maybe, but this was before Minions got their own 'locks.

  4. ah cool, so when my Circle deck arrives I will get the minion cards I need?

  5. Awesome work! Thanks for the inspiration as I have yet to paint mt Totem Hunter and I am digging his flesh.


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