November 29, 2011

Baldur's Stone Wall

I am still working on my Tharn Wolf Riders. I have three finished so only two to go. While doing them I distracted myself by doing yesterdays Wall of Fire and Baldur's Stone Wall. Its taking an age to get these Tharn done and they are slowly driving me insane. So doing small easy side projects helps break up the monotony.

I made it from cork as usual but this time it was a placemat. I broke it up into four pieces and glued them together. I then just glued it to the base and plucked out pieces of it. This is pretty simple but it is important to try to break up the lines where the cork pieces join.

The texture of the cork is perfect for rocks and it was simple to paint. A black undercoat does most of the hard work! Just drybrushing in progresively lighter shades of grey picks out all the detail. I washed it in places with some green to break up the colour a little.


  1. Very nice, should spice up the gaming. Looking forward to the Wolf Riders!

  2. Yep it was so easy to do I am thinking of ways to use it for other terrain. Its not really an agricultural wall but maybe for some more magically orientated ruins or such?


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