November 25, 2011

Friday Showcase - Lord of the Feast

Wow I managed to take a silly photograph of this model. I only realised now that I managed to cover his face up with the raven! The Lord of the Feast is one of my all time favourite models. It really has an unearthly feel to it. He is already quite tall but I raised him up a little more with some modelling clay to emphasise the height. He really towers over the rest of the circle infantry. He was a little annoying to put together as I pinned him. The surface area for the pins is really small. I did manage to get pins in everywhere though. I am a little worried about him breaking all the same so he rarely gets used in a game. With his inclusion in epic Baldur's theme list I think I will start using him. I just need to get Megalith first. So I can't comment about the Lord's use on the battlefield as I have never used him. I actually have never played Circl in MKII outside of Vassal. My cards should arrive soon so I can finally use them for a game, hopefully at the club on Sunday. I only wish that there were a few more devourer inspired models in the Circle Orboros to choose from as this single guy is awesome!


  1. Nice work, and you're right. He is a fantastic mini

  2. Great miniature and great paintjob. I trust you'll treat us with a nice groupshot of the whole gang eventually?

  3. Hmmm a group shot would be nice. I am not sure if my camera could do it justice though. I suppose I should try it at least.


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